“Policy concerning photographs depicting product-packaging and trademarks etc. on our website.

1.    The photographs on our website are merely shown to showcase some previous projects undertaken by our company.

2.    There is no intention on our part to create the perception that customers whose products; trademarks; logos or business names are shown on our website are in any way connected or related to our company save and except the provision of our service in designing and/or producing the relevant gift packaging.

3.    Customers’ trademarks as seen on our website belong to the relevant customers. We shall co-operate and withdraw the same from our website if so required by the relevant customer.

4.    Unless otherwise stated, our company is not related or connected to any customer whose products or trademarks are shown on our website.

5.    In case of any inquiry or comment concerning the photographs and trademarks shown on our website, you are welcome to contact us.”